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The Chestnut Brothers: Links

Disk Union (Japan)
Chestnut Brothers Catalogue.
Soul Walking (UK)
Listen out for....2008 (Scroll down)
Soul Walking (UK)
Formerly known as "Brotherly Love."
Soul Music Collector (UK)
Collector of rare musical jewels that were/are popular.
Philadelphia City Paper
Suffer the Little Children
South Philly Review
Peace and Harmony
South Philly Review
Teen Killed Inside Car
Amaryllis Santiago
Amaryllis Santiago is known as the ''Latin Phoenix.'' Singing with confidence,emotion and passion, she is clearly an artist worthy of your time and attention.
S.H.O.T. Program

Based in Pine Bluff, AK, S.H.O.T. is an Awareness/Prevention/ Intervention Group whose mission is to teach peaceful conflict resolution techniques to elementary school youths throughout their local and statewide educational systems. We are privileged to have them adopt our theme, "Stop The Violence" as their official theme song.

S.A.V.O.Y (Stop All Violence On Youth)

Oakland, CA based organization conceived by Jay Logan following the senseless murder of his 14 yr. old son, Jaee.

Rasta, A Soul's Journey

Documentary about a young woman's global journey to explore RASTAFARI....the spiritual legacy of her grandparents, Rita & Bob Marley.

The Struggle For Change
An international, community based initiative conceived by acclaimed sculptor/inspirational speaker, Donald Brown. Includes an unsurpassed, global fundraising component.
Unity Rally - Promoting Cultural Awareness and Racial Harmony

Our mission is to reach out to the surrounding communities, families, organizations and schools to recruit groups and individuals to join us in a quest for true positive change. Global Radio
Defining Smooth Jazz for a world of listeners through the art of seamlessly fusing elements of jazz, r&b, pop, and world rhythms, Radio streams a deep mix of music for a global audience. The global radio station currently broadcasts an average of 49 million listener hours per month, while the site enjoys nearly 300,000 unique visitors/month.
Hybrid Jazz

VERY hip blogtalk radio show hosted by Trish Hennessey. Al Chestnut interview, 4.17.12. Starts at 58:07.

Amys FM (South of France)

Online radio station that plays a cross genre of music.

The Funk Show
Hosted by Howard Burchette, broadcast from NCU (North Carolina Central University).