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The Chestnut Brothers: Press

"Touch Me In A Special Way" SmoothJazz Global Radio Promo.
Al Chestnut: Artist Interview.
- (Sep 1, 2014)
Soulwalking - Listen Out For 2013

• Friday, 15-Nov-2013 •

In the absence of a new Chestnut Brothers album, I was wondering what the guys were up to these days. No album as yet, however, I can tell you that Ty and Al are now just Al performing as a Chestnut Brother! Al sent me his latest single, which I am delighted to say is terrific. A mid-tempo song entitled "Touch Me In A Special Way," this is just about the place where these guys ought to be right now as performers/performer. The Brothers haven’t fallen out. Ty is taking a sabbatical from Soul, so Al is carrying the torch...a torch that I do hope realises an album release. This is a great song. Check CD Baby for a download. Al tells me that CD’s are on their way regarding the single.
Toby Walker - Soulwalking (Nov 16, 2013)

listen out for 2008...

The Chestnut Brothers - RetroSoul / John Legend - Evolver / Maysa - Metamorphosis

Chestnut BrothersJohn LegendMaysa

If I thought the previous three records were good, then they really were the appetizer for the main course, which ought to make the 'which record should I buy for my friend this Christmas? question, answered completely!

Al and Ty Chestnut are a very talented singing, songwriting, production team. Born in Columbia, South Carolina and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, they came on the scene, in the U.K. way back in 1990, with their double header 45 'Whole Lotta You In Me' / 'Hey Sweet Lady' and proceeded to release a couple of albums throughout the Nineties and into the Millennium, with this release, entitled 'RetroSoul', arriving on these shores in 2008. Those who bought the previous mini album hailed the song 'Travelin' On' as one of the great Soul songs in recent years. Is there anything as good on the new set? Well, yes there is! The song 'Choose Your Destiny' will be one of my two top melodies this year. The other being Lalah Hathaway's majestic 'That Was Then'. When the Chestnuts hit form, boy do they hit form. 'Destiny' is pure optimism and the song had me motionless when I first heard the track. Mid tempo in a 'Galveston Bay' vibe, and this is why I love this music so much. If I had my way, this would be prescribed as an antidote to all of the bad news that are around at this time. Wall to wall repeats on daytime radio. The rest of the album, even without this track is very strong. 'Mountain Of Love' is a gorgeous song, as is 'Come To Me' and 'Not Ready For Love'. If you only have a slight passing interest in Soul Music, you HAVE to have this album for 'Choose Your Destiny'. Immense, essential, unmissable and downright wonderful. Put that in your pipe and smoke it! LOL.

...check CD Baby, iTunes, and most other online stores for copies...

Toby Walker - Soulwalking (Nov 20, 2008)