Stop the Violence (Universal Remix) feat. Nisha

"Stop The Violence (Universal Remix) is the blazing new single by The Chestnut Brothers. Featuring Donisha "Nisha" Prendergast (granddaughter of reggae icons, Bob & Rita Marley), this latest version of their theme song is a hybrid of R&B/Reggae that percolates with an infectious groove. iTunes
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Long awaited and highly anticipated new album has finally arrived.

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The People

The Chestnut Brothers have dedicated their lives to making music that embodies a positive message, awakens social consciousness and serves as a means to find common ground between varying age groups, races and cultures. "The People" is the battle cry that maintains that tradition. CD also, includes "What's Goin' On?" (BONUS track)

Whole Lotta You In Me

Originally released when The Chestnut Brothers were formerly known as "Brotherly Love" this song (featuring the late, Grover Washington, Jr.) created an international sensation. Re-introduced via the "Grown & Sexy" remake and "Slamm-a-licious Remix" it is once again, taking the world by storm. To enhance the mood for romance, two mixes of the sultry ballad "Come To Me" are included as BONUS tracks.

Peace Suite

Highly acclaimed EP promoting world peace....

Brotherly Love

Album released on Sklyine Records featuring the smash hits "Whole Lotta You In Me, Hey Sweet Lady and We Ain't Gon' Never Stop"

Stop The Violence (Dirty South Remix)

Since becoming actively involved with the international peace movement, The Chestnut Brothers have attained a passion for social change and have traveled the world as goodwill ambassadors, with a plea to "Stop The Violence." Adopted as their theme song and originally featured on the "Peace Suite" EP, they felt compelled to release this remix in an effort to sustain the mission.

Touch Me In A Special Way

''Sultry, seductive and sensual are just a few superlatives that describe Al Chestnut's new single, ''Touch Me In A Special Way.'' With a rhythmic groove and hypnotic flow, it's a musical aphrodisiac that is sure to ignite the flames of passion that light your fire.'' iTunes