Gun Recovery Program

The “Steel-In-It” Gun Recovery Program For Immediate Release: In the midst of so many gun related crimes, The “Stop the Violence Movement would like to extend an invitation to Georgia residents and visitors who are in need of a little extra cash. For those of you who are willing to part with your firearms, we have a wonderful incentive for you. We will give you $25 for a revolver; $50 for semi-automatic handgun; $100 for a rifle or shotgun; and $150 for a semi or automatic assault rifle, along with other merchandise and prizes. After they are disassembled, the steel, aluminum, plastic and metal components of the guns will then be melted down and recycled for raw materials. The materials will then be donated to aid the construction companies in the building of schools, playgrounds and hospitals. We look at this procedure as a way of “Saving A Life-to-Help Build Another One”!!! Those who don’t have weapons, but, have bullets, will receive gift certificates that can be redeemed at local businesses and tickets to upcoming events. We can no longer just sit back and allow our streets to become the The Wild, Wild West. We have babies who are being shot while they are in the security of their mother’s arms. For those who are voluntarily willing to turn in your “Steel” we guarantee 100% amnesty and no questions asked at the designated drop-off locations. We are inviting all law enforcement agencies, individuals, organizations, corporations and companies who are interested in participating/partnering with the “Steel-In-It” program to send a representative to The “Stop the Violence” Expo (Nov. 12-18, 2005), which will be held at various locations throughout metro Atlanta. We will be distributing additional information about the program at that time. For us to have the necessary funds and gift certificates available to meet the demands of the gun turn in, we are asking “ALL” who are in a position to assist us with saving the lives of our children, to please send your letters of support, encouragement, gift certificates and monetary contributions to: God’s Pod Outreach Ministry, Inc., P.O. Box 920711, Norcross, GA 30010-0711. We will be setting up a trust fund at local area banks in Georgia, so that monetary donations can be made in person. In addition, we will also hold numerous donation drives. All donations are tax deductible; as we are a non-profit organization in the process of obtaining 501 (C) (3) tax exempt status. If any additional information is needed, please feel free to contact Abdul Chestnut (program coordinator) at or 267.974.3388.

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