Operation: BLOODHOUND (Official Press Release) For Immediate Release: There are so many things going on in the Tri-State area that is news worthy, there is just not enough time to dedicate the necessary attention to each situation. With so many breaking news stories across the city and surrounding counties, there is simply not enough time available for certain situations to get their just due; especially Missing Persons reports. A primary example is the Latoyia Figueroa case. She was missing for several days before it received national media coverage. Largely in part by “Email Bloggers” and the tenacious and aggressive campaign spearheaded by her father Melvin. For those families who have that type of diligence, the odds are a lot greater; but what about the families who don’t have father figures present or who don’t come from a tight-knit family; what happens to their cases? The odds for them being on CNBC, CNN, Good Morning America and shows of that caliber are slim to none. There are just too many people missing and not enough police manpower to follow up on every lead. It’s hard for the thousands of reports to get filed in a timely manner. So, we have created “OPERATION: Bloodhound.” It is a plan devised to assist families in getting the word out about their missing loved ones to the local & national media. When a person from the Delaware Valley is considered to be missing, their information & photo is logged into our database. We will then initiate a media campaign via faxes & emails; as well as organize rallies to generate leads and raise money for reward funds. On Friday, September 23rd (4-6pm) & Saturday, September 24th (2-6pm), we invite the families of LaToya Byrd (15), Teneke Daniels (27), Daniel Imbo (34) & Richard Patrone (35) to join us at 4th & Washington Ave (South Philly). We will be distributing posters and flyers in hopes of obtaining information regarding the whereabouts of their loved ones. We are asking all media sources that receive this press release to please forward it to your affiliates. If you would like to add to the reward fund or have information, please contact the Citizens Crime Commission @ 215.546.8477. For event information, feel free to contact Abdul Chestnut @ 267.974.3388 or abdulchestnut@chestnutbrothers.com.

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